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We help you sell a business online discreetly without troubling your employees or attracting unwanted attention.

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Buy a business online for rapid growth and scalability and acquire new clients, technologies, and skillful employees.

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Our experts create powerful business growth strategies to help your business reach its maximum potential.

About Us

We acquire, consolidate, and improve efficiencies of the obtained companies, providing financial help for your business. We see significant opportunities for mergers and acquisitions amongst smaller companies that are often looking for investors. We specialize in providing dynamic growth strategies to revamp internal and external technological, financial, and administrative operations for enhancing productivity and profits.

Our services

We make diligent and well-thought growth strategies for our clients, which are in line with the company’s mission. Our business model is to acquire companies and work with management teams to turn them into progressive and efficient organizations. Following the acquisition, we work with our clients to strategize plans that integrate the administrative, financial, and technological aspects of the business to drive sustainable and long-term growth.

Own Funds

We assist our acquired companies by funding them from our balance sheet. Many businesses find themselves unable to implement business growth strategies as a result of financial constraints. As a result, we provide financial help for the business to encourage growth and efficiency amongst our acquired companies.

Venture Capitals

We have invested in numerous successful growth and expansion ventures throughout the Middle East. Post-acquisition, we continue to invest through planned financial growth strategies.


We assist our acquired companies in obtaining the best investment plan to tackle the temporary financial constraints that a business might face during the acquisition process.

Private Equity Investors

InvestArms provides convenient opportunities for family offices and private individuals to invest in promising ideas.

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InvestArms is a vision-driven company that aims to benefit our clients by analyzing, strategizing, and working with them to provide the best business investment plans.

Exponential growth from the investment in IT has been observed over the past few decades, and this growth does not seem to slow down anytime soon. In such times of unprecedented technological change, numerous opportunities for business investment are opening up. Join us to reap the benefit from these growing industries. We are up-to-date with the IT industry and provide the best online investment services.  This enables us to bring you the best knowledge, whether you want to expand your business or find the best business investment plan. Become a part of our group and gain access to an ever-growing list of opportunities. Our team firmly believes that we can provide you with unmatched opportunities for financial growth.

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Meet our Executive Management Team

Investarms is the brainchild of our highly experienced team. With accumulated experience of over 150 years, our team has conducted numerous successful mergers and acquisitions internationally. At Investarms we believe that the secret ingredient for the success of an organization is its team and we are blessed to have the best minds working in ours.

Mr. John Birchbauer
Business Strategies

Board Member & President

Mr. Lupicinio Rodrigez
Chief Legal Officer    

Board Advisor & HLT

Mr. George Scurry
Accounts and Financials

Board Member & Director

Mr. Benjamin Meshign
Management and Business Development

Board Member & Director
BSc (Hons)


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