In our new global economy, ownership strategies have become a core issue for organizations all around the world. These ownership strategy services is where corporate governance meets strategic management. There is currently a huge gap in knowledge when it comes to ownership strategies as many businesses fail with their growth ventures simply due to the complexity and the high risk nature of business ownership strategies. Obtaining an ownership stake in a company is one of the most challenging decisions a business can make as there are so many factors which come into play.

This is exactly why we at Investarms are considered the pioneers in implementing a business ownership structure.  We conduct a strategic audit for our clients to make sure they have analyzed their decision of seeking ownership in a business. Enlightened ultimate owners have actually have various goals, this is exactly why we take personal, social, political and economic value dimensions into consideration when helping our clients. We strongly believe that successful ownership requires not only the owner’s resources, capabilities but also their proficiency.

Our services are brilliantly engineered to strike a balance between corporate stakeholder’s interests and the shareholders primacy. We at Investarms will make sure your ownership strategy is implemented with superior precision and accuracy. We will help you identify the perfect ownership target and will ensure the seamless implementation of the venture. Here are some of the strategies we excel in.

Acquisitions: Designing and mediating acquisition strategies that reap the maximum benefit to the involved parties.

Mergers: Merging ventures to improve the efficiency and performance of the business.

Conglomeration: Forming conglomerates to assist our clients and improve business efficiency.

Roll-up: we assist in acquiring and merging multiple small ventures to combine them into a better, more effective venture.