Commercial Liquidation Simplified

Liquidation is the selling of assets in order to distribute them depending on whether the business is currently insolvent or solvent. This typically occurs when a business requires funds for an investment or when a business has reached a point of insolvency. If the business is indeed closing operation after liquidation, then the funds will be initially be used to pay off creditors and the remaining amount will be distributed amongst shareholders. This process can be extremely challenging for businesses of any size and it has the capacity of dictating the final closing statement of your business.

This is exactly why we at Investarms offer Pre Liquidation strategies to our clients as we have substantial experience in advising on liquidation matters. Our unique team of professionals have a detailed understanding of liquidation environments and can help our clients effectively liquidate their business. Our extensive experience in liquidation strategies helps us effectively navigate through multi-jurisdictional commercial, legal and social factors while minimizing the risk of financial damage.

We will integrate with your financial department to ensure that as a business owner you will retain control over the entire process, from the start to the finish. Our services are designed to ensure that clients do not harm their reputation while liquidating and also to mitigate the reputation damage that might arise due to the foreclosure of a business. Our team of seasoned professionals will streamline the process and ensure that you get the highest returns from your liquidation while adhering to the law.

Our Pre liquidation services include planning and confirmation for the liquidation provisions, potential analysis of every transaction and of significant redemptions. We will help you articulate profound liquidation strategies and also help with specific requirements for distributions and with the effective realization of assets in a regulated market. We can also provide alternatives which might save you from liquidation however, this depends on your current commercial situation.

Our licensed insolvency practitioners have dealt with a myriad of different situations and can help guide you towards the best possible outcome. Liquidation of any business size can get quite challenging as there are so many different factors which come into play, we at Investarms will streamline the entire process for you. To make matters even more convenient, we offer online pre liquidation services as well.


We discuss all possible options and strategies with our clients before making the decision to sell or liquidate the venture.


Before the liquidity event, buyout terms and conditions are discussed and considered against alternates to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Investment & Turnarounds

We discuss profitable and beneficial investment opportunities facilitating clients in making informed decisions. We also offer a quick turnaround to close the deals benefitting all parties involved